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Monday, October 6, 2014

ChapStick Hydration Lock Day and Night

I received a free sample of ChapStick Hydration Lock Day and Night to try out from ChapStick and Smiley360.  I must say that I have a tough time using any product on my lips as it either "feathers" or gets wiped/licked off too easily...because I am afraid it has started to look weird on my lips.  With that being said, I must now tell you that I LOVE this stuff! 

I wake up in the morning and use the "day" side.  This stuff is amazing as it works so well.  First of all, it is full of SPF 12 that is so important to me, especially here in Texas.  It has a mild smell but no taste which is great for me as I tend to lick my lips more often when a product has a yummy flavor.  If companies don't want me to lick their products than they should not have made it taste like candy! 
The second thing I noticed was how long it stayed on without feeling gunky.  That is the  hardest part for me as I am very self aware of how I am looking. 

Now, on to the other awesome part of this product!  I use the "Night" side before I go to  bed.  It leaves my lips so soft and smooth.  My husband loves the way my lips now! 

The ChapStick Hydration Lock Day and Night lives up to its claims and name.  I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for healthier lips.