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Thursday, November 13, 2014

I am in LOVE with Sleep Number beds!

I was recently given the opportunity to go to a Sleep Number store and find out my SleepIQ and I am now in love.  First of all, I need to say that this opportunity came from Sleep Number and Smiley360 for the purpose of a review.  All opinions are 100% my own and honest.  That being said, ANYONE can walk in to a Sleep Number store and find our their own SleepIQ number.  I went to my local store in Georgetown, Texas and met the most amazing and informed salesperson.  His name is Robert and I could not have asked for anyone better to show me that I was missing out on.

The service was prompt and personalized.  He knew my name and used it, which made me feel like they actually cared about my needs rather than making a sell.  He started by giving me some facts about Sleep Number mattresses and really, all mattresses in general.  He asked about the age of the mattress we are using now and pointed out some interesting facts about the life span of most mattresses.  I then got to take one of the models for a test drive!  I was able to lay down with the bed at 100.  I must say that it was not all that comfortable to me.  Robert let me know that it was akin to laying on the floor.  It was as firm as it gets.  I was kind of surprised by this as I assumed I would be at a high number. 

This is when the fun begins!  He started lowering the number and I was to tell him when I was the most comfortable I have ever been.  That took me to 40.  Then he reset it and did it again.  This time I was at a 30.  He took the average, 35, and let me know that that was my sleep number! 

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is a way to replace the foam when it has compressed too much for optimal comfort without buying a whole new mattress.  It was also nice to know that there is a warranty on the beds. 

My next stop was to one of the adjustable beds, the M7.  I liked it when I initially lay on it but I must say that after a while, I wanted to go back to the C3 bed that I was originally on.  I can't really say why as the M7 is a memory foam and is just like laying on a cloud. 

The M7 was on an adjustable base that does a ton of tricks.  My favorite being the zero gravity position.  I will be bringing my hubby in to see if he likes it as much as I do.  If not, we will need the spit base so both sides can move independently of each other.  +

I can't wait to purchase my own Sleep Number bed...with adjustable base...in the future.  I know it won't be so far in the future as they offer incentives like cash back and interest free financing all the time. 

Overall, I would highly recommend to everyone that you go visit your local Sleep Number store and find out your own SleepIQ.  You won't be sorry!