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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Anticipation, Neighbor Tones and Other Nonharmonic Tones

As the semester comes to a close I thought it would be fun and a little silly to find a place for some of these nonharmonic tones in songs that mention these key words.  Let's dive right on in!

Anticipation tone:  These are approached by step, end on the same note and happen on weak beats.  Basically, it is the anticipation of reaching the next chord and going ahead and getting there just a little bit early.  Prematurely, if you will.  I thought a good song to look for this would be none other than "Anticipation" sung by Carley Simon.


The first place I found it was at the :28 mark on the word "Really".
I found it again at 1:27 on the word "Word"

The most appropriately important use is at :46 on An-tic-i-pat-ion.  It happens on the "I" and is glorious! 

Neighbor tone:  These are basically a decoration of a single note.  If you have an E, you might go up to an F or down to a D and then return right away to the E.  They can be strong (accented) or on weak beats.  They are approached by step and left by step in the opposite direction.  Mr. Rogers theme song anyone?


The first time I hear a neighbor tone is all over the instrumental opening but for my purposes, I will stick with spots where lyrics can be used as a landmark.

I hear it at :33 on the word "Neighbor" and again at :36 on "A Neighbor"
It is everywhere in this song!!!! Did I mention how happy this song has made me as I am writing this?  It is making me so happy!  HAPPY!!!!
Sorry for getting sidetracked...on to the next type of tone.

Escape tone:  This one is a little bit of fun!  What happens here is movement by step with a leap in the opposite direction.  Picture climbing up the steps to the diving board, and then hurling yourself off!  I am quite pleased with the musical offering I have for you on this one.  I had no idea the song was called Escape (the pina colada song)!


I find escape tones in the chorus at :45 and :49 with the words "getting caught in the rain" and "not into yoga."  It continues in the rest of the choruses as well.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of lightness as we prepare for summer!