There are really only two reasons that you would be reading this. One, you know
that God is good and will always provide for those who love Him, or two, you
accidentally hit the button for the next blog. Either way, welcome! As you
have probably guessed, I am in the first category with a love and faith for the
Lord that is a source of hope and strength through this crazy world!! My family
has been blessed in so many ways that sometimes I just want to shout it from the
rooftops. I am kind of afraid of heights so blogging in the next best thing!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What now?!?!

So...We have had nothing  but car trouble for the last year.   Seriously, the ENTIRE LAST YEAR!  Transmissions going out, an accident, buying a car that we found out had no a/c (after we bought it), being without a vehicle and stuck at home with a toddler when it is 104 outside and we can't even play outside, motorcycles breaking down.............
(This is me taking a mental breath)
Well...We bought a new to us car last night after lots of prayer and deliberation and have such a sense of peace about it because we put it in the Lords hands.  I did not get all nosy and demanding with Him.  I let Him take care of it in HIS TIME and in HIS WAY!  It was not for us to figure out. 
And now...Today, there is no buyers remorse.  There have even been three (yes three) opportunities for us to supplement our income which just gives us an even greater sense of peace!  Amen and Praise the Lord!!!!!