There are really only two reasons that you would be reading this. One, you know
that God is good and will always provide for those who love Him, or two, you
accidentally hit the button for the next blog. Either way, welcome! As you
have probably guessed, I am in the first category with a love and faith for the
Lord that is a source of hope and strength through this crazy world!! My family
has been blessed in so many ways that sometimes I just want to shout it from the
rooftops. I am kind of afraid of heights so blogging in the next best thing!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why Toothpaste From God?

You are probably wonderig how and why I came up with this name.  It's simple really.  I was out of toothpaste and out of money and when I went to check my mailbox that day there was toothpaste in there!  The toothpaste came to be in my mailbox because I had signed up for a sample (I will be posting some of those here in the very near future) and God orchestrated the timing.  It is just like the time we were once again just about out of money and a complete stranger showed up at our door with a  gift and some giftcards to various stores.  When I say stranger what I really mean is angel! :)

Now don't get the wrong impression here.  Yes, I do believe that God will always provide for those who love Him and yes, sometimes it is in miraculous ways.  Sometimes though, it is in the simple things that we do like sign up for free samples of toothpaste! :)

Please stick around as I will be having some pretty amazing things to share on here including free stuff, book reviews, music and much, much more!