There are really only two reasons that you would be reading this. One, you know
that God is good and will always provide for those who love Him, or two, you
accidentally hit the button for the next blog. Either way, welcome! As you
have probably guessed, I am in the first category with a love and faith for the
Lord that is a source of hope and strength through this crazy world!! My family
has been blessed in so many ways that sometimes I just want to shout it from the
rooftops. I am kind of afraid of heights so blogging in the next best thing!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

A little about me

As you know from the pictures, I am a wife and mother.  What you might not know is that I LOVE to sing!  Morning, noon, and night.  My favorite songs to sing are those that glorify God.  I listen to our local Contemporary Christian radio station and pretty much know every word.  I am a big fan of Hillsong since a lot of their songs are in a key that I can sing comfortably in...and let me tell you - I love to belt them out! 
The reason I am telling you this is because God has been working in our lives through my singing.  No, He did not make me a rock star - complete with a jacuzzi full of champagne and $100 bills and a steady check coming in from concert and record sales.  But He did rock our world. 

At the beginning of the summer, we were certain that we wanted to leave this area and move back towards where we came from.  We have been wanting another child and felt it would be easier on everyone if we were closer to where we had more help and could see family more often.  My husband searched for a job.  He even went a little outside of his comfort zone looking for positions.  Nobody was interested at the time.  Now, I am not going to lie and say I was not just a little disappointed.  I was a lot disappointed!  I knew though, that God had something else in store for us and that it was going to be even better than what we thought we wanted and needed!  That helped.  It was not very long after we became resigned that we were staying put (and school started) that things began to change.  One day, out of the blue, I decided I wanted to join a band.  Yes.  It sounded crazy to me too!  I had never been in a band before.  Sure, I have been doing praise and worship at my churches for many years but to join a band that plays shows around town...

Anyway, I went to an audition and knew right away that they were not the group for me.  Then I went to another one and must say that I entered what must have been the "Twilight Zone."  I have never met anyone quite like this person before.  The reason I am telling you this is so that you know that I know there must be something better out there for me.  And sure enough, there was!  I finally found a folk group (right up my alley) and have been singing with them for the last couple months.  What is even more exciting is that God gave me all those opportunities to grow and to become a better leader, have less stage fright and any number of things that are not even for me to know about. 

While searching for more opportunities, I came across a post for a Contemporary Christian group looking for folks who wanted to play in more of a service related capacity.  Here in Austin, we have something called "Church Under The Bridge" which is a ministry for the homeless of our city.  That very same week I was asked if I wanted to go help lead music at another shelter in the area.  Well, yes Lord!  Send me! 

The point of my story is this:
God does not always give us what we think we want or need.  He DOES give us what He KNOWS will make us happy, healthy, etc...
Trust me when I say this - He knows better than us and wants to give us our hearts true desires.  And He will!