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Sunday, October 28, 2012

It got me thinking...

     I have recently began following a blog called "Made In USA Challenge". 

made in usa challenge
© 2012 made in usa challenge

It started when my husband and I watched an evening news program where incoming college students were given the challenge of buying their school supplies and dorm supplies from American companies.  They all rose to the challenge and with the exception of a coffee maker and a TV, were able to stylishly and affordably complete the task. 

     It really made me think.  I thought about all the people out of work.  I thought about all the people affected by droughts, floods, and fires who would normally make their livings from farming, livestock, forestry, etc who were also either out of work or looking for more ways to supplement their incomes.  I thought about the little towns in middle-America that have been virtually abandoned due to all these things.   

     So, I have found myself checking out these companies and have started to challenge myself as well.  I am thinking about having a weekly or monthly feature where I give you some information about a company making/selling American made products that I have tried.  I figure that it is the perfect time since Christmas is fast approaching.  Nothing like the Made In USA Challenge blog (for way more super cool made in USA stuff, please visit them). 

Here is their link again that will take you directly to her "About" page so you can learn about how she began the challenge and the blog: